To many innovators “Compliance” might sound like a hassle and something you can handle later. But after years working for one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, I can say that compliance could be the deciding factor of whether your product will stay on the market or will all the hard development and entrepreneurial work will go to waste. We believe that as lawmakers become more open minded toward cannabis, it’s important that entrepreneurs go the extra mile and not give anyone a reason to regret legalization. hashtagcannabis hashtagcannabisbusiness hashtagcannabiscommunity hashtagcannabisindustry hashtaginnovations hashtagstartup hashtagcannabisculture hashtagcannabisstocks hashtagcannabistechnologyhouse hashtagcannabiz hashtagcannabisresearch hashtagcannabisscience hashtagcannabistech hashtagcannabistech hashtagcannabisgrowers hashtagcannabismarketing hashtagcannabismarketing hashtagcannabislegalization hashtagcannabiseducation