Investing in Cultivation good idea or bad idea? Cultivation is still the leading category for investments. Right now, it’s all about securing a stable supply, but as more states legalize and technology improves, marijuana will become a commodity. This will push prices of marijuana down and shrink the profit margins of cultivators. So, what are your thoughts investing in Cultivation good idea or bad idea? hashtaginvestments hashtaginvestment hashtagtechnology hashtagcannabisindustry hashtagcannabiscommunity hashtagcannabisculture hashtagcannabismarketing hashtagcannabisnews hashtagcannabisnews hashtagcannabistechnologyhouse hashtagcannabis hashtagcannabisbusiness hashtagcannabistech hashtagcannabisgrowers hashtagcannabisstocks hashtagcannabisscience hashtagcannabislegalization hashtagcannabiz hashtagcannabisresearch